Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sick house

Everyone is sick. Ok, Eric's not. But everyone else is sick in some way today. Mark coughed all night last night. He is going to the doctor. I'm not entirely sure Zack and Ben shouldn't go too as they both have had nasty runny noses and we are soooo fussy (yes I said we on purpose, I am not exempt from this fussiness.) I think for now though since Mark is the sickest I will take him in and see how the others do later. For now I have to get Eric ready for school and Zack off the countertop.

I am editing to update that Mark went to the doctor and we came out with a prescription for an antibiotic and a low dose steroid to open him up so he can breathe better. Yay for good meds and here's hoping he's doing better. I did ask about the other 2 sickies and he said as long as there is no fever and if it stays just a runny nose (even a icky super gross runny nose) to hold off. but bring them in if they get a fever.

I have to admit I was bummed our normal ped wasn't working today. She is super fun and we laugh so hard when I go in there. This guy was fine but the other ped and I just click. Like I'd like to be her friend if that weren't just ridiculously awkward to ask your kids' doctor if she'd like the kids to play together (she has two little girls.) Yes, it's official, I'm crazy :)

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Anonymous said...

Sorry you all are sick!! I hate that. Too bad Mommies don't get sick days, right?? I know what you mean about your ped.- we found one that I LOVED, and I really did cry when she quit to stay home with her kids.

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