Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Table Slaves

Today was a rough day. The kids weren't getting along, I wasn't feeling well, and despite taking them to the sprayground, a few of my children managed to be unhappy throughout most of the day. Around two, I got Ben to take a nap (by getting everyone in the car) and Mark fell asleep the same time. Once we all got inside they both slept for 2 hours. When they woke up I still needed to get to Sams to pick up my groceries. Since it had been an exhausting day, I decided to pick up some pizzas while I was there.

On the drive home, I told Eric and Mark I wanted them to clean off and set the table when we got home so I could bring in the groceries and we could eat.

My boys, who are so not overworked, actually grumbled. "You know, you just make us do this every day." "Yeah, we already unload the dishwasher every day." "And now we have to be the table slaves too."

All I could do was laugh. These kids seriously have no idea how easy they have it. No idea whatsoever.


Anonymous said...

Too funny- table slaves- I love it! How horrible of you to ask them to clear something off the table! :)

Crisa said...

Ha, I'm calling CPS right now!!

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