Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Things that are driving me crazy right now...

Kids throwing things on the floor when they finish with them. Examples: Crayons & markers, toys, pipe cleaners, and the worst of all dishes. Just explain to me why, once the cup is empty it needs to be thrown on the FLOOR.


Back talk.

Four year old refusing to dress himself despite being totally capable.

But it's not all bad. Yesterday evening I stepped outside to talk on the phone. Mark followed me out and was running through the neighbor's sprinkler on the sidewalk. So, I called all the boys out and they had so much fun playing in the water. It was fun and adorable. Soon after getting wet Ben decided he needed to take his pants and pull up off, leaving him totally naked. I spent most of the time chasing him down and putting his pants back on. It was quite the sight I'm sure.

A neighbor did drive by and rolled down her window to say "been there." So at least I'm not alone in my chasing a nakie baby down the cul de sac.

1 comment:

Crisa said...

hee I love naked babies.

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