Friday, August 7, 2009

Recorded Message

I am going to record a message to my kids and put it on a loop. It's going to sound something like this.

"Keep your hands to yourself, no hitting, please don't pull on your brothers shirts. You all need to stop playing so rough before somebody gets hurt. No climbing on the cabinets. Why are you crying? No fits please. We don't use those words in our family. We only eat food at the table. Why are you eating in the living room. Hey! Everybody listen please. It's time to go, let's get shoes on. Why don't you have shoes on? Please put your shoes on. We won't be going to this really fun place if you don't get your shoes on. I can't understand you when you whine. Yes I do actually expect you to help out around here. No, fussing at me won't change that. You still don't have your shoes on! No.Jumping.On.The.Furniture!!!!And stop hitting your brother!"

I'm making a recording and hitting play. I figure it will save me some energy since it's what I say all day long. It'll probably be about as effective too.

2 weeks 2 days until school starts. Bring it on!


bellebearberry said...

Hmmm - so you would completely understand that I made Hannah walk all the way into sports camp this morning in the rain. It was COLD on her feet. I don't think she will throw a fit that her shoes are not on right again. I figured it was natural consequences.

I did get down at her level and talk with her about it. After getting her agreement to next time put on her shoes without whining and crying. So... then I did carry her back to that car.

Sue @ My Party of 6 said...

Some kind of GPS like device... because males listen to electonic devices instead of women.

Jennifer said...

Ha! Good luck with that!

workout mommy said...

ok, I am cracking up right now because that sounds exactly like what I say every single day!

I'm glad to know I am not the only one....then again this means that they never get it, do they? (sigh)

(I have 2 boys w/another on the way)

Pink & Green Mama said...

I'm going to make the same recording except since we're potty training our youngest it will also include "Who needs to go potty? Do you need to go potty?" "Let's try to go potty" and "No, we don't get undressed in stores (one I actually had to use this week) !! : )

Astarte said...

What the hell is it with boys and their shoes?!?!?! WHY are they never where they're supposed to be, WHY can't they see them when they're right in front of their faces, and WHY can't they put them on in less than fifteen minutes?!?!?! That boy and his shoes are the bane of my motherhood, I'm telling you!

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