Sunday, August 9, 2009

Pointlessly Random Rambling

It's a rare moment of silence here. Ben is napping, Zack is laying down with Daddy and Eric and Mark are in their respective corners (okay on their respective couches) because they can't seem to get along when they are in the same room. I feel guilty saying this but I'm enjoying the peace.

I've spent much of today going through clothes, seeing what needs to be put away, passed down, or gotten rid of. Trying to figure out exactly what needs to be purchased for the school year. I managed to get most of what was needed through the end of summer sales at ridiculously low prices. Living in FL we won't need fall clothes until the "season end" sale and we can probably skip right over the winter wear. This is what I remind myself on the days I walk outside and can't breathe because of the heat and humidity. Ease of wardrobe. 9 months out of the year in shorts. Fantastic weather in the winter. The truth is, I love living here and the heat is just one of a very few negatives. (And it's not that much hotter than the other states I've lived in.)

In case you didn't notice I really had no point to this post. It was just quiet, and I had a few minutes between loads of laundry so I thought I'd ramble a little.

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