Thursday, August 20, 2009


Today is Granny day! The boys are excited and so am I!! Tomorrow is the day of the biggest surprise ever. The best thing is that it's still a surprise. Despite my total inability to keep a secret. I've told all my local friends, sometimes whispering right in front of the boys. I've talked to Kevin about it, making plans without mentioning the location. Sometimes *almost* spelling it and stopping myself when I remembered my big kids can spell. It's really quite amazing that they haven't picked up on what it is or that there's anything big going on except for that Granny's coming. Really, that's huge enough!!

Now I have a date with my upstairs (kids rooms & bathrooms) which has been sorely neglected lately.

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Astarte said...

Yeeaagh! So! impatient! for! surprise!

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