Sunday, August 16, 2009

Blog, What Blog?

Okay, I've neglected the blog this week and there is a good reason. Summer is winding down, which means we've been so busy it's ridiculous. Monday we cleaned house and went to Tae Kwon Do. After dinner, I took the big kids to the pool. Tuesday, I attempted to go grocery shopping which was an epic nightmare resulting in a certain kid spending 45 minutes in his room. Seriously, I didn't even get in the store. Later, after recovering from that I took them to the pool, but still had to go shopping for FOOD after dinner. It was one of those times it really couldn't wait another day. Wednesday was playgroup so we went to the playground and sweated like crazy, and later went to the pool. Thursday, we visited Brooker Creek Nature Preserve, and came home to catch up on some chores. Friday I took the kids to the mall playground and lunch at Moes. Then I came home and made a slew of key lime pies for Kevin's company picnic/party on Saturday. And that is what we did yesterday. Tons of fun, but I'm tired and most days by the time I've had time to blog my mind and body are both so tired I haven't been able to put coherent thoughts together enough to do so.

This week is the Last.Week.of Summer and we are excited to have Granny visiting us on Thursday. We have the best surprise EVER planned for the boys, and I can't wait to see their faces! But, you have to wait to find out, because as hard as it is to keep my mouth shut, I think you should be surprised too!

I'll try to get back to my every day blogging (or at least every other day... or whenever something cool happens) this week.


Anonymous said...

You are better than me- that last week we just watched WAY too much TV, did a little pool, and I refused to do any cleaning, cooking or shopping- thinking it would be soooo much easier after they were in school!

Rebecca said...

It WILL be so much easier when they are in school...
Here we are in the last week and I'm already mentally cancelling activities so I can get ready for my mom's visit. Today's "activity" is Walmart for the rest of the school supplies they need and fabric because they are getting rid of their fabric dept and everything is super cheap.

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