Friday, July 31, 2009


For some reason when I make little mistakes as a parent I feel the need to share it with as many people as I can. I don't know why. Sometimes I get embarrassed after the fact, yet I continue to do this.

For example: It's 3 PM. We're hanging out having fun. I smell something funny. Something smelly and yucky. I investigate. Only one child is a possible suspect as one kid is napping and the other two are at camp. I strongly believe the smell is pee. Possibly poo, most likely pee. I look at Zack and say "did you have an accident buddy?" He shakes his head noooooo. I feel for wetness and feel nothing. But still there's a smell and something just was not right. And then I realized. I felt the squishy weirdness of a wet diaper. And I wondered what in the world was going on because Zack is potty trained and he's been doing great with all of that. FINALLY no accidents, finally smooth sailing on that front.

I asked him why he had a diaper on and he just gave me that dimpled grin. I asked him again why he was wearing a diaper and he giggled and said "Mommy you put it on me." I thought back on our activities of the day. We had taken the boys for their last day of camp, gone to the playground, and then gone to the mall for more play, shopping and lunch. I recalled that he had peed on the potty at our lunch and couldn't remember him having any trouble or anything unusual. (But I also remembered I was changing Ben's diaper so it is likely I wasn't paying attention.)

I asked him when I put a diaper on him and he told me it was in the morning when I got him dressed.

So, somehow without realizing it, I put a diaper on my FOUR YEAR OLD and didn't realize it until three PM. And Mr. Lazy Boy sat there and peed in it all day long, never telling me he had a diaper on instead of underwear.

I'm pretty sure this signifies I've totally lost my mind.


Shanna said...

You just need more sleep! :) Kydon has taught me to blame everything on the kids-- If they didn't wake up at night, your brain would be fully functional, and you wouldn't have done that!

But it is funny! Mine would have totally worn it all day too!

Jenny said...

What a funny story! That would be my 4yo's dream! He never would have told me!

Astarte said...

Holy crap!!! That is SO like a boy, too! A girl would have been mad, but a boy? will be grateful for the excuse to sit and do nothing in utter laziness all day long. Sheesh! AND, you need a nap!!!!

Sue @ My Party of 6 said...

I have laughed SO MUCH at this story. (WITH you, of course!) It has totally brightened my post vacation blues!

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