Saturday, April 18, 2009

Well At Least He Didn't Escape Again

I'm telling you Ben might just do me in.

This time he didn't run down the road half naked.

This time, he didn't color with Sharpie on our leather sofa.

This time...

He locked me out of the house.

Let's set the scene. I had a letter to put in the mailbox and he wanted to go outside. I let him come out with me since keeping him close is always a good thing. Plus he loves to be out there. So, he came out and hung around by the front door which was perfect because I thought it would be easier to get back into the house. If only.

If only Kevin hadn't been at Sams with Eric and Mark it wouldn't have mattered.

If only Zack hadn't been glued to the computer and wouldn't come to the door no matter how many times I rang the doorbell. No matter how I ran to the back and shouted through the window for him to go to the front door. Darn computer addict!

If only little Ben could have UNLOCKED the door he had locked just seconds before.

At least the neighbors walked over and tried to tell Ben to get Zack. Ben got a book and brought it to the door. They were good enough to stand and laugh with me while we tried to figure out a way to get me back in the house.

At least Kevin got home 5 minutes after the whole door locking episode.

Ay yi yi.


Sue @ My Party of 6 said...

I was afraid to click with that title! This has happened to me before. More times than I care to admit! Glad he didn't get away tho!

Rebecca said...

Thanks! My neighbor was CRACKING up.. but she said only cause her 9 year old did that to her when she was little. Only her hubby was OUT.OF.TOWN. OY!

Rebecca said...

PS, I've been locked out before too but it was a kid who knew to be afraid when I said "LET ME IN NOW!!" Hee!

Jenny said...

Why can they always lock you out, but never seem to figure out how to get the lock to go in the other direction to let you back in?!?

Adam and Lisa said...

At least you got a good blog out of it!!!

Astarte said...

Oh, holy crap!!!! If only we knew the outcomes of these things in advance, so we could relax about it. I'm sure you were kind of freaking out about it at the time, but it sure is funny now!!

Tiffany said...

Haha! I mean, oh my! It's only a matter of time before this happens to me, too. I just know it.

Melinda and Matt said...

I have been there...and with the kid at the computer :)

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