Monday, April 13, 2009


Mark is a planner and by Thursday afternoon he had totally planned our Easter. We were going to have a party! At 5 PM! And invite ALLLLLL our neighbors! He even made an invitation. I was looking for something a teensy bit more low key. As in, egg hunts, too much candy brought by a bunny and a nice family dinner.

In the end, Momma won out and everyone was mostly happy.

We colored eggs on Saturday and I have to say this was the MOST fun I've had doing this activity with the boys. They could do some decorating themselves and only Ben had to be super closely monitored to avoid insanity. To aid in this endeavor, I gave him some crayons and let him color the paper we had laid down to protect the table. We all had a blast!

They loved the candy in the baskets, but also the Easter Grass makes an awesome wig! Who knew?

Ben was pretty proud of the one egg he found all by himself. Then he lost interest in the hunt.

Later the boys decided to hide the eggs from us and then we found them. This year, they did a really good job of hiding. A little too good, actually as one is still MIA. I'm hoping I'll find it as I clean up the Easter explosion that seems to have occurred here yesterday.

I hope everyone had a perfect day yesterday!

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