Sunday, April 26, 2009

Spring is Here

Isn't it great? I mean, we don't get any kind of real winter,but yesterday we were able to go to the pool! Amazing!

The arrival of Spring is also bring all of the animals out of the woodwork. It is pretty cool, but sometimes overwhelming. I have a post up today at Deep South Moms where I talk all about it.


The Okie Frau said...

lol - your post reminds me of our South Carolina honeymoon. I was constantly amazed at the wildlife we saw. We toured the remains of an old plantation that sat on a tributary of the Atlantic. Imagine my surprise to see the 'beware of alligators' signs as we strolled through the gardens. When we actually stumbled upon one near the river bank I almost lost it! It was little and had no interest in us but I was freaked out anyway. Then came the evening we were having dinner in our hotel's restaurant, about 15 floors up. We had a nice view of the river and marsh areas and I was convinced I saw an otter scurrying around. My husband finally saw what I was talking about but still didn't believe it was an otter so we asked the waiter. He looked out the window for a couple of minutes and finally saw it too - only to inform us it was a very large swamp rat. I almost spit my dinner out! I instantly had visions of those giant rat creatures from the Princess Bride!

Rebecca said...

Swamp rat... eek! I've never even heard of that. I have however seen three separate alligators out there. But luckily they don't like it when we go out there & just jump in the pond if we do.

Astarte said...

Swamp rat!!!! Holy shit!! I think of Princess Bride, too!!!!

Amen to spring. The weather is going through its usual weirdness - 60 one day, 90 for a few days, and now it's 60 again, thank heavens. I am NOT ready for so much sweating!

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