Thursday, April 30, 2009

Me Vs. Fish

Awhile back I decided to try out a local fish market that claims to specialize in Fresh Fish. Not coincidentally, this was at the same time that I wanted to try a recipe for Ahi Tuna but did not really trust the fish departments at any of the grocery stores we frequent. Anyway, got the tuna, and looked over their list of fresh items for the day. On that list was whole yellow snapper and it was a really good price so I got one. They were even nice enough to descale the thing for me. So I brought home my whole fish and stuck it in the freezer. This probably negates the whole "fresh" idea, but that night Ahi was on the menu.

Since then, Mr. Fishy has taunted me every time I've opened the freezer. "You'll never cook me. You are scared of me because I still have my head on my body. You'll never do it! Hahahahaha!!" He's pretty mouthy for a dead fish.

Yesterday, I took Mr. Fishy out of the freezer and put him into the fridge. I found a recipe and stopped cold when I read the part about "gutting" the fish. This whole time I've been worried about the head and never even thought about the.. ahem... insides. Ewwww. WHY did I buy that fish? Oh yea, fresh... and inexpensive. Darn.

Would you believe that even after chilling out in the fridge all day (with occasional "you'll never eat me, you are too squeamish lady!") Mr Fishy was still frozen mostly solid. So, I put off the unpleasant task of beheading and de-gutting until today. I just checked and Mr. Fishy is thaw, and in the interest of not letting him spoil, I plan to cook him today. I even have a recipe picked out.

I'm not looking forward to this you all. I have a backup plan for pork chops on the grill just in case I chicken out.

I'm putting up a poll to see who you think will win in this woman vs. fish drama. Be sure to vote!!


Anonymous said...

I vote for pork chops! Let dh clean it out. Fish guts creep me out!! Or just chuck it and say the baby did something to it. ;)

Rebecca said...

Heeee! I like the way you think Shanna!

Astarte said...

YUCK!!!!! You are so brave to even consider it! I can't even look in that case at the grocery store, it's too gross!

The Okie Frau said...

He's pretty mouthy for a dead fish.

Anonymous said...

I have beheaded, gutted, skinned and/or scaled more fish than I care to remember...while they were still alive. *Shudder*

I've mentioned I lived on a farm and killed our own meat growing up, right. DId I tell you we also had our own stocked lake?

It's no wonder I avoid cooking and eating meat now! Glad to read it was alread gutted for you. But I bet you wouldve and couldve done it if you had too!

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