Friday, April 17, 2009

Once Upon a Time There Was A Garden

I've always loved the idea of having a garden. What I don't love is the work associated with it. Weeding. Bugs. Oh, and it's DIRTY. Nevertheless growing my own food sounds really appealling. Once I had a garden in our house in Oklahoma and it was moderately successful until the heat of summer scorched everything and I left the remains there until time to plant the next year. Have I mentioned yard work is not my specialty?
Anyway, last year we planted a cherry tomato plant. It grew tall and strong and had zillions of cherry tomatoes on it just waiting to ripen. And then some animal ate all of them. So I said, once again... no gardening for ME.
Except there's the whole draw of fresh veggies.

Early in the spring we had our patio screened in so we can sit out there this summer without getting attacked by mosquitos... or this guy*! Yikes!
Right around the same time Kevin decided to buy a dwarf key lime tree, and a tangerine as well, just for fun. So they went out to our patio.
Then I went a little nuts and decided to really start in on this patio garden project. I started seeds for tomatoes, cilantro, peppers (both sweet and hot!) and waited to see what would happen.

The tomato seeds have become big tomato plants! They are flowering now! So exciting!

The fruit trees are finished blooming, and could that be itty baby LIMES I see? Maybe. I sure hope so!

This tree we bought just last weekend. It's an avocado tree. If I get one avocado off of it I'll be surprised, and totally giddy!

The pepper plants are thriving and about to flower too! I can already taste the salsa!

But no salsa is complete without cilantro! The cilantro has already been used a lot (out of the other pots) and it's kindly regenerating itself.

And here's a gratuitous picture of Ben. Just because he's cute!

After the success of the first round of seeds I decided to try some more. We then planted carrots, green onions, thyme, basil, and spinach. MMMM

I hope my little garden continues to thrive (thanks to my husband who remembers to water them far more often than I do) and actually produces the veggies I desire.

*While alligators are not commonly likely to attack people I don't like the looks of this fellow. He's not like the skinny 2-3 foot gators we saw last year. He's BIG and So, he stays close to the water. I still don't approve.


Anonymous said...

One thing I thought of- since yours are indoors, the bees won't be able to pollinate the flowers- you may have to do it yourself in order to get any actual veggies. I think. My dad told me that once, when I had great big plants and lots of flowers but no veggies. You should check online, since I never know what I am talking about! :)

Rebecca said...

I will check! I know the citrus trees will self pollinate,but I didn't even think about it with the rest of them. Thanks! Good to think about!

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