Thursday, April 23, 2009

Circular Logic

Zack: Wahhhhhh (like he literally says Wah, not actually crying)
Me: Why are you fussing.
Zack: I not fussing, I CY-ing.
Me:Then why are you crying?
Zack: Because I'm saaaaaad.
Me: Why are you sad?
Zack: Because I CY-ing. (Be sure when you are reading this to know that the word crying is really long and drawn out, like every last word of every sentence is when Zack is speaking.)
Me: Sigh...
Zack: giggles


Tiffany said...

Miriam does this! When she "cries" she goes, "WAH!! WAAAH!" but she says the word! It takes everything I have not to laugh!

Rebecca said...

No way! I have never heard of a kid doing this! It cracks me UP! (When it's not irritating me ;)) So funny that Miriam does it too!

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