Saturday, November 8, 2008

Zack Makes Me Laugh

Zack is a funny guy with a funny smile and the cutest dimples ever... He's the one that I worried would never talk and I was this close to having him evaluated for speech therapy when he had a language explosion. He hasn't stopped talking since.

Just a few quotes from today...

"Mommy, your bwack jammies are boo tee ful." I was wearing work out clothes... that's the funniest thing.

"Mommy tank oo for the dee wish ous bweakfast."

And let's not forget when he was getting into trouble and I told him to look me in the eye, when he looked straight up at the ceiling and said "I NOT wook at you, I WOOK at the SKY."

Three is such a fun age. Except when it's not!!


Astarte said...

HA!!!!! Oh, ye of the beyootiful workout clothes, how lucky you are!

fazzey said...

SOooooooo Funny becca!

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