Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wardrobe & Fashion

My winter wardrobe is lacking. I'm not a clothes fiend or anything but all I have for the cooler weather is one pair of jeans, one sweater, and some work out pants. I keep meaning to go out and find a few things but time is limited (not to mention $$) It's 35 degrees today. Sure, it will be warmer a little later, but for now BRRR. I guess I'll have to go shopping this weekend, unless as usually happens there is a warmup and my capris become acceptable attire once again. Did I mention it's 35 degrees. I must be confused because I thought I lived in Florida. I'm freezing.

In other fashion news, Mark decided to wear two shirts today. Not as in a tshirt under a polo shirt, or even a long sleeve shirt under a short sleeve shirt for added warmth. No, he has on a green polo shirt under a blue polo shirt. I am in debate weather or not to fight this battle. Everything is a battle with Mark. I could let this one go and it would make my morning immensely more peaceful. He's five after all, fashion doesn't matter really. On the other hand I don't want the teachers to think I sent him to school not KNOWING that he was wearing two collared shirts.

Maybe I could just sneak it off of him as he tells me facts about the eye. "Mom did you know there are six muscles in the eye?" "Why, no Mark I did not." I'm sure he wouldn't notice. I could just slip it off while he continues "The eye is 6 times stronger than your body."**

**Eye facts are not known to be accurate. They are doing a unit on the eye in class and apparently got to see a real eye. (eww) I'll have to look up the statistics to see if he is right on his info or if something got lost in translation.


Anonymous said...

I am so glad you are back online!!! I missed you! :)

I am the same way with clothes. Last spring I did a major closet purge where I threw out almost everything I owned. I got some spring/summer things, but I only have one long sleeved shirt, and 2 pairs of pants. And here it has been c-o-l-d for a few weeks now. I have been wearing my jacket all day every day.

I would totally let Mark go. The other day Abigail wanted to wear a really cute outfit- a black/white skirt with a black sleeveless shirt. Totally cute, but did I mention it is COLD? So I told her to put on something warm. She did- a cute pink sweatsuit. But she put it on *under* the other cute outfit. Whatever. I don't care! She went to school wearing two complete outfits that looked pretty weird all worn together. I almost put a note in her backpack saying she dressed herself, but I didn't. I'm hoping it was obvious!!

As for the 21 month old and sleeping... I am having nightmarish flashbacks to when Jack and Aidan went through that. I have no help- it just took us going absolutely insane for a few months before we all figured it out. So sorry!!

Rebecca said...

Oh Shanna the picture in my mind of Abigail in her sweatsuit and skirt outfit is making me giggle!!

Ambre (ambredawn) said...

I can promise you, the teachers will know Mark did it and not you. Same way they understood Russell's backwards and inside out Batman tshirt the other day ...he wanted to be Batman, but didn't want the other kids to know. Teachers knew without a blink. ;O)
BTW - I miss you, but love keeping tabs on you with your blog. Keep it up!

Rebecca said...

Thanks Ambre. I need to get over to the board but time just slips away... Maybe I'll sneak in to chat tonight if you all still do that. If I get my work done that is.. :)

Astarte said...

I would totally let him wear it. Patrick has gone to school in all sorts of weird things, from several pairs of underwear piled up on top of each other (don't ask me why, I can't imagine why he would do such a thing!) to long socks with shorts. Eeh. Whatever gets him out the door in the morning is good. And, this way, if he spills something on the top shirt, all he has to do is peel it off and voila!

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