Thursday, November 6, 2008

My Student Of the Month

Mark, in spite of being capable of all sorts of naughtiness at home, is a very, very good boy at school. He was selected as the "student of the month" for his class. I was so proud! Today there was a little award ceremony and breakfast. At the end I was going to take his picture. He was mad at me about something and I can't even remember why... So he would NOT smile.

I used my "don't you smile" tactic on him and he hid behind his hands and giggled like crazy.

Then, finally, a hands free, non scowling picture. So, he's looking off to the side and the behind the hands smile was much bigger. This is what we got. Congrats on being Student of the Month Mark-o... Now could you bring that good boy home from school today?


Crisa said...

woohoo Congrats Mark!

Kellan said...

What an honor and what a cute boy - congrats to him and to you on the great job!!!

Have a good Friday - Kellan

Anonymous said...

Awww, those pictures are sooooo cute!! Good job Mark, and seeing those pictures makes me miss you!

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