Thursday, November 20, 2008

Listening to Kids

Sometimes I find it really hard to listen to my kids. Especially the ones that are constantly talking. Wait that's almost all of them. I mean I hear them, but sometimes I find myself saying "uh huh, wait WHAT did you say?" Yea, it's bad.

Turns out I should be listening better to Ben too. Now Ben gets a bad rap around here what with all of his crib climbing and baby gate leaping lately. BUT he's cute as a button regardless of his other escapades. He does talk, but not so much for communication sake as just to make me go "Ohhhhhhh Ben you are TOOO cute." Gush.

Anyway, today as we were leaving the gym he kept fighting me. He was pulling back and whining and kept trying to go back in the door. I, on the other hand, kept ahold of his little hand and was pulling him in my direction, without really considering that there might be a reason for his carrying on. About 3 steps into the parking lot he tried to go back again, at which point I said "forget this junk!" and picked him up. It was then that I noticed that one of his shoes were missing. I said, "Ben did you lose your shoe?" He replied "hehe" and pointed to the doors of the gym and said "Shoe." We went back and got it and he was then willing to go back to the car.

I'll get this mom thing figured out one of these days. Unfortunately, I fear my kids might be grown by the time I do.

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