Thursday, November 6, 2008

Random Rants

The 5 (or earlier) AM wakeups are starting to get to me and I think I'm cranky. Things are bothering me. Or maybe it's not just me, because what is bothering me is actually disturbing.

First of all, when I went to school yesterday it was on modified lockdown because of multiple calls to 911 on election day in which the caller was threatening teachers. That's all the info I had, but there were police at the school and all the classrooms were locked. Who on earth threatens elementary school teachers? Oh and the calls were made from a pay as you go type phone so they couldn't be traced. Poor teachers. Luckily, I guess the issue was resolved. But I have so many questions that I'm sure won't be answered. Who did this? Why? Was it a prank? Someone who had a beef about the election? Just some random psycho who gets his thrills scaring the crap out of people? Or someone who truly intended harm to someone? I hope not the last.

This bothers me too. People just dropping their kids off and giving up on them. I can't even imagine how much it would screw a (probably already troubled) teen off to have mom or dad go dump them at the nearest hospital. It looks like Nebraska is making an attempt to rewrite the Safe Haven Law for infants only. (Just to be clear, I do agree that the Safe Haven Law is a good thing for babies. I'm all for keeping newborns out of trash cans.)

Oh and we have a lovely popup spyware virus-y thing on our computer. Norton isn't finding it, but seriously, UGH. It's annoying and it's slowing down my computer. I found instructions for removing said spyware virus-y thing but it's like reading Greek so I'm waiting for my hubby to have time to do it. In the mean time let's just hope my computer doesn't crash because then I might be in a REALLY bad mood!

And I have a headache. And did I mention that the kids were up before 5 again? Yea, I'm cranky. Enough with the ranting though, everyone have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Some people are just sick in the head. To scare innocent teachers and children that way. And some people do not deserve to have children. It's sad really.
Did you get your computer fixed? I had some annoying stuff on mine. I have some links if you are interested. Email me! One they do it for you for the most part.
PS- I hope you don't mind that I found your blog!

Astarte said...

I can't imagine people dropping off their kids, either. I saw on the news today about an 8yo that got left at a hospital. That is SICK. You know, though, if those parents are the type of people who would do something like that, maybe the kid is better off without them. It makes me want to drive out there and get that kid, though, and bring it home with me. My heart aches for those poor babies. I can't imagine leaving Josie anywhere, or what that would do to her. Even the idea makes me feel panicky and ill.

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