Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Recap

Ohhhh I was so right when I said blogging time would be limited. Some unforeseen global event space time continuum anamoly thing has caused my children to start sleeping until 6:30, and simultaneously, and equally shocking, other people have been getting up with the kids. It's pretty awesome on both counts!!

So, I know you are watiting with baited breath to know how my Thanksgiving and days after have been. So here is a recap.

Thanksgiving was great. We started out by having cinnamon rolls for breakfast. I had planned on being up at 5 (due to kids) and getting it all ready before the other adults were awake, but I ended up not getting up until about 6:45. By the time the dough was ready everyone was starving and Kevin said "Ohhh you are making Christmas cinnamon rolls. I looked at him perplexed and he clarified "because they'll be ready around Christmas." I laughed because the man I married is sooo very funny. In the end, it turned out that I kind of shouldn't have trusted the part where it said the prep time was one hour because there was an additional 45 minutes of rising that I skipped because I had 8 starving people to feed. They turned out so yummy anyway and everyone was happy. Thank you Paula Deen.

Cooking was uneventful and I am happy to say my first Thanksgiving of cooking almost everything myself (Kevin handled the turkey and got rave reviews) went off mostly without a hitch and I didn't mess anything up.

Best moments:

Ben putting an olive on his finger and eating it off after watching his brothers do it. So funny!

Eric and Mark helping me cook. They punched the cinnamon roll dough down and helped me peel boiled eggs for deviled eggs amo

ng other things. They did a fantastic job!

Having things prepped well enough so that I wasn't stressed about getting everything ready.


It's not a holiday without someone getting sick or hurt. Fortunately Mark's cough wasn't too bad and only bothered him the night before the holiday. I did get the fun of worrying whether Ben had a concussion after his bad fall right before lunch time. The boy has luck on his side. He's fine, just a little banged up.

There's more to tell, including how my mom and I stayed out until 4 am Thanksgiving night, but it will have to wait. Off to make biscuits & gravy. Frozen biscuits and gravy from a mix. I think I've filled my quota of from scratch cooking this year with the cinnamon rolls.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving! It sounds like you had lots of fun! We did too, but we missed seeing you guys! Maybe next year...

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