Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Finished With Lost Teeth For Awhile, Lost Marbles, Another Story

Eric lost another tooth last night (and the tooth fairy recycled money that the Momma confiscated while cleaning bedrooms since it was all.over.the.floor. Is the tooth fairy evil, or just resourceful. You tell me.) With that lost tooth, we no longer have any loose teeth in their mouths. Our running total is 5 lost for Mark and 4 for Eric. Which is kind of crazy since Eric is a year older. But, at least it's something that Mark got to do first. That's important to him. Anyway, I am grateful for the break from wiggly teeth but I am wondering where in the heck some of these new BIG teeth are supposed to fit. They both have their bottom middle permanent teeth in, but I just don't know how the rest are going to have space. I have horrible thoughts of pallate expanders and braces in my future.

While we may be getting a break from lost teeth, I do think I'm losing more brain cells on a daily basis. There are many reasons why...

1. Millions of things to do... Mostly getting them done only to have them undone at an alarming rate.

2. My parent arrive tomorrow and while this is a very positive thing I still have yet to go grocery shopping for Thanksgiving. I think I'll be able to swing this tomorrow morning as Kevin is taking off work. Whew.

3. My kids were up at ... wait for it... 4 freaking 30. That's not morning folks. We sent them back to bed but I have a feeling they merely went upstairs and decided to rearrange the furniture. As evidenced by the fact that the under bed storage part of Eric's bed is now at an angle. When questioned not so patiently by me, I was told that they were making a secret passageway. Mmmmkay.

4. Mommy brain, mommy brain, mommy brain. Thankfully, I've only ALMOST forgotten things like sending stuff to school for their Thanksgiving feast... but there have been close calls.

5. Mark melting down because his backpack was tooooo heavy and then really ultra melting down when Eric had the audacity to offer to carry it for him because it made him feel like a baby. Picture total tear filled freak out. That was my morning. Oh, and I made things LOTS better by threatening to keep him home to miss his party. It worked but I felt like a jerk.

6. Did I mention Mommy Brain? Go read about my recent experience with losing my shampoo at the gym at Deep South Moms. I still don't know if I'm more irritated that I left it or that someone took it. Tossup.

Those are only part of the reasons I am losing my marbles!

Soooo, the parents will understand if Kevin and I run away 5 minutes after they get here right? Nah, I wouldn't do that, but maybe I can get a date night out of it :)

Have a great day! I may be hit and miss for the next week or so since I'll have company and have to semi hide my blogging addiction. Who am I kidding, I'll be the only one up when the kids get up at 4:30 so I'll blog then.

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Astarte said...

FOUR THIRTY?!?!?!?!? OH, no, no no!!!! Egad!

Josie has a palate expander, and it wasn't a big deal, unless you're my wallet, to which it was a very big deal. Sigh. Braces will be next for her, probably at the same time as Patrick's expander. Oh, yeah.

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