Monday, November 10, 2008

Questions That Have No Answers

Why do you sleep on the floor Eric when you have a perfectly good bed? I heard a kid get up last night around the time I was going to bed. I waited for someone to come down the stairs but they never did. I heard snoring that was too close to be from anyone in bed, so I investigated. He was laying in the floor in his doorway. Why? This happens often.

Why is it that even though I spend a fair amount time cleaning each day that I am never "caught up" and my house is never "clean?"

When is the laundry going to be done?

Is the laundry ever going to be done?

Will my kids ever stop fighting? Will they be friends someday?


Melinda and Matt said...

I, too, have often wondered at the love of sleeping on the floor...Caroline and Alex both love to sleep on the floor and have for a long time! Alex's new favorite spot to sleep is the closet--with the doors shut--most of the time on top of shoes that were lying on the floor...

Anonymous said...

I have an answer to the laundry. B.C. (before children) I used to do two loads of laundry a week. I did it Monday morning and was finished by Monday afternoon. Now if I work hard all week, I can see my laundry room floor once in a while, but it is never done.

Your laundry will be done when the kids are gone and it is just you and Kevin. And your clothes won't get nearly as dirty because no one will be wiping thier hands/noses/spit up on you. :)

And Abigail prefers the floor as well.

Cleaning is the same as laundry. Like shoveling the snow during a blizzard.

And I remind myself daily of how much I used to fight with my siblings and how much I love them now. There is hope. :)

Melinda and Matt said...

I do remember my parents sitting us kids down once and saying "One day you will be old and will never see each other if you don't learn to get along"....At the time I didn't think it was possible, but we are great friends now!

Mary Kate said...

mine have just started a good spell
where the younger isn't aggravating the older and the older isn't screaming at everything the younger does...which means I am a lot happier and giving much, much praise! I hope this phase lasts a little longer!

I want to know when the kitchen counters will ever stay clean! I wish there were disposable coatings for them that could be peeled away everyday that would take away all the grime!

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