Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Potty Fiascos

Just a quick post today... By quick I mean I'm going to type as fast my fingers will fly and not proof read OR spell check so there will be sentences that don't make any sense and plenty of type -os. I might have just skipped it, but there's the whole NaBloPoMo thingie. :)

So, the last few days I've regressed on potty training Zack. First, HE regressed and then I, to save the small shred of sanity I might have left, just took a few days o-f-f. This morning I got right back down to it.

He and Ben stay at my friend's house on Wednesdays while I volunteer at the school. It is awesome! Unfortunately the last few times he's been over there he's been too distracted playing to care about potty time. This translates to LOTS of pee in the pants. Not cool. So, today I bribed him. If he could go allllllll day staying dry I would buy him a car. This was of course, after on the way out the door he announced "Mommy, I POOPED!" Argh.

So, being all full of inconsistency like I am lately, I gave him the car early. But he HAD stayed dry up to that point and we were waiting in the car pickup line at school and that is some boring time for a 3 year old. I also threatened that if he peed in his pants I'd take it away until he could stay dry like a big boy.

Bribes and threats, that's good mothering for ya. But, it's working cause he's not had an accident all day!

This should be easier the 3rd time around, shouldn't it? Cause it's not...

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