Monday, May 18, 2009

Rain Storms

It's actually been raining here in FL the past week or so. Occasionally, we will get an actual thunderstorm. We are so happy because with all the dry weather, the Tampa Bay area is experiencing critical water shortages. So, YAY for rain!

One day last week we decided to go to the playground and a few minutes after we arrived we heard thunder. Then Ben pointed to the sky and said "Oh shoot!" It was one of those moments when I looked at my friend and asked "Did he just say...." and she confirmed that he did. I laughed hysterically and now every time he hears thunder he grins and says "Oh shoot."

Friday night there were thunderstorms and it started right as we were putting little boys to bed. It was not an easy bedtime and Ben kept trying to get in bed with Mark. Kevin went up to check it out and our littlest boy was pointing to the window whining "wight-nin." He was scared. We let him sleep with Mark. Until he fell out of bed and then I put him back in his own room. Oh how I wish I had heard him say lightning because it sounds so awfully cute!

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