Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mark is Six (plus a day!)

Dear Mark,

Yesterday, you turned six. We celebrated on Sunday because daddy had to go out of town on business. You took it like a champ and told everyone we saw that you would be turning six. You have such a winning personality that everyone you saw (including the cashier at Target) beamed right back at you and wished you a happy (almost) birthday.

You requested cheesecake instead of actual cake for your special day. You are your own person and know what you like. Even if it is unconventional.

You reacted with equal excitement to all of your gifts, from the spider man pajamas to the magic kit you coveted on our cruise in January. (Yes we bought it for you on the cruise and hid it for five months until your birthday.)

You gladly shared your gifts with your brothers.

On your actual birthday, we were so lucky to have Uncle Jason and Aunt Summer come to see us. You got to eat out and get more presents and have a ton more fun.

The neighbors brought you a homemade birthday cake and water balloons for your special day.

You are a wonderful little boy. You know what you want, and will fight for it. Although this quality tends to make for long days when I have to say "no" I firmly believe that this quality will take you far in life. Hopefully someday (soon!) you will understand that when I do say no it really is because I believe it is in your best interest.

I love you Mr. Markie!

Your Mommy

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