Thursday, May 21, 2009

Garden Pest

Other considered titles: This is What I Get for Opening My Big Mouth (Again), We Thought We Knew So Much, or Don't Pick the Peppers!

Day before yesterday Zack came to me. "This tomato is ready because Ben picked it. Is it big enough?" It was green. I talked with the little guys about not picking the veggies unless mom & dad are there and say it's okay. It went over sooo well.
Yesterday, only a few hours after posting how well our little garden was doing Eric came to me to tell me Ben picked some peppers and ATE THEM! They look big enough but they aren't ready yet as evidenced by the fact that despite being hot peppers, they had the flavor of a bell pepper.
That's what I get for bragging I guess. That's what we get for thinking by putting our garden in pots on the patio we could avoid certain garden pests that ate all of our tomatoes last year.

Who knew I was raising my very own garden pest?


Life As I Know It said...

well, at least they are eating their veggies!

MOM said...

I needed a laugh.
Oh do you remember how you took that multi level marketing company that shall remain nameless test for me?
Do you think you could make my blogsite look great like yours?
I may be persuaded to reward you.

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