Wednesday, May 13, 2009


In Florida, we are having these swarms of Love Bugs. It's not the most fun experience to be outside to say the least. Yesterday we were at the playground and they kept landing on me. The other kids at playgroup were screaming, and really, I couldn't blame them because bugs... they are icky.

Mark & Zack's approach to love bugs are at opposite ends of the spectrum.

I was growing weary of opening the front door and having billions of these things in my face so I decided to coat my front door with bug spray. Also, I was vacuuming the dead ones off the porch so that in the event someone came to my door they wouldn't be walking on a pile of dead bugs. Mark came to me while I was vacuuming them to ensure I didn't suck up any live ones. When he noticed the bug spray, he lectured me about how love bugs don't hurt anyone and "please don't kill them mommy." I put the spray away. He also willingly let them land on him and gently placed one that had gotten in the house back outside. No doubt to save them from his mean mommy.

On the other hand, Zack took delight in smashing as many as he could at the playground yesterday.

Could they be any more different?

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Astarte said...

I don't like swarms of ANYTHING. Ugh, gross!

At least neither of them is running, screaming in terror, right? I might be tempted to do it myself, really.

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