Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Another Taste

Another taste... this time of how you can do every single thing your child wants to do and still have him treat you like crap. Oh the fun!

Today was another great day. The big boys went to school (yay!), the little ones and I cleaned a little, went to playgroup, came home and Ben napped while Zack played and I got a few much needed things done.

I figured Mark would come home happy. Today was their Splash Day in which they get to play on water slides and bounce houses at school, as well as other crazy water games. Should have been a good day. He did come home happy. We played with clay, and then he made a guy out of wooden skewers and when I say he made I mean he laid the guy out and then ordered me to hot glue it onto a big sheet of paper so he could cut it out. Any guesses who cut it out.

All of this was fun and I was kind of feeling like a good mommy for having my chores done so we could play when they got home from school. Then he fell asleep on the couch for about 3 minutes and when he woke up OH BOY suddenly his day sucked.

And it must have been all my fault, naturally because nothing made the child happy. Nothing. He didn't want meatballs in his spaghetti and he was NOT going to eat a VEGETABLE (the horror!) and there were tears involved and frayed nerves too.

Then somewhere through dinner Mark decided he liked meatballs (vegetables too) and then I didn't stop them when they took water & soap outside to play in bubbly water.

Somewhere along the way it all went awry and I ended up putting them to bed at 6:45. Which brings us to now and there's some unholy racket up there so I must end this post and go deal with that.

And something tells me this is what I get for having such a lovely day yesterday and thinking that might be what summer is going to be like. Me jumping through hoops only to have someone mad at me all the time. Reality check, anyone?

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