Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers Day

I intended to post this yesterday, however was trying to stay off of the computer, therefore never got it finished. So, here is my Mother's Day post a day late.

I want to direct you again to the Mothers Day post my good friend Shanna wrote last year. It is beautiful, timely, and a fantastic reminder to me to take a step back and realize how lucky I am to be a mommy, and especially the mommy to my kids. They are pretty awesome.

With that said, my family has spoiled me. They spent a few hours Saturday shopping for gifts, which allowed me to have some rare time alone (well technically with Ben, but he was sleeping part of that time.) That was a gift in itself. I, who used to get antsy in the quiet and never liked being alone, now really appreciate both.

The gifts the boys gave me started on Thursday when we went to Target and they whispered to Kevin "can we get Mommy a gift for Mother's Day while we are here." There thoughtfulness and desire to give me a gift was so touching and sweet, I almost teared up right then and there.

On Friday was the Mother's Day Tea at school. Luckily, I got to sit with both boys and eat a donut hole and have a teenie Dixie cup of tea. At school, they had made frames with puzzle pieces and a picture of them inside holding a sign saying "I love you to pieces." Just too perfect. But the real gift that day was the fact that I was able to attend. Several children had moms who had to work that day and I feel blessed that I am able to stay home and attend these things (which maybe should be held in the evening to accommodate the moms who do work.) I am also blessed to have a good friend who is willing to watch my little guys so I can run up to the school for things like these.

On Mother's Day I got to sleep in. A rare treat and it was so appreciated. I woke up many times and had to force myself back to sleep because I wanted to take advantage as long as I could of my chance to sleep as late as I wanted. I slept until 9. This makes me laugh so hard because seriously, it felt like the equivalent of sleeping until noon. You know, back in the day when I sometimes slept until noon on the weekends.

Kevin made breakfast for me and got the day off to a great start. I got actual presents, but the real gifts were thoughtfulness, time, and love. What more could I even ask for?

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