Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Taste

I got a taste of what summer is going to be like today.

It wasn't all that bad.

I had scheduled Eric and Mark's well child doctor visits for today and got the pleasure of taking all four kids with me into the pedi's office. That's almost as fun as having a root canal. I remembered to bring snacks but there was a little more of a wait than I had planned for (not excessive, it's just they are usually lightning fast. Eric and Mark were wrestling on the exam table and I told them to knock it off or we would not be going to the playground after. To my utter disbelief they listened and we actually got to go to the playground. They must be figuring out that I mean business!

After only minor annoyances at the appointment we grabbed lunch and headed to the playground for a picnic and playtime! Unfortunately some school group was there cooking out hotdogs with some older elementary, maybe even middle school kids. Now, I have nothing at all against older kids. It's just that some of them are ANNOYING! They were sitting all over the play structures, in the way of the little kids, blocking the slides, etc. There were even some girls swinging on the baby swings! I feel like such a whiner and I'm sure I have it coming when my kids are in the tween years, but dude. Let the little kids play on the playground.

The rest of the day was uneventful. We cleaned up a little. The big boys helped. They are getting to be quite the good, hard workers! Then we went to the store and I only wanted to pull my hair out a little bit. Oh, did I mention Kevin's out of town again? But it was fine! We had a great day!

Now they are in bed talking and giggling and I sure wish they'd sleep. They are staying in bed though so I'll take it!

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