Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sketchy Details

A few weeks ago Eric brought home a paper from school... it was three boxes with pictures and words to describe the pictures. The descriptions said "I wuld get swshed" (squished.) "I wuld get poked with a pncil." "I wuld get bitid." (bitten I think) Kevin and I looked at each other with wide eyes thinking what in the WORLD was going on? Eric is a tame and timid child. Were these things he feared? Why would he write this. Fortunately, when we asked, he looked at us like "duh" and said "It was things that would happen if I was playdough." It relieved my fear because it is normal to squish playdough. And, probably less normal, but the kids often poke it with pencils to make little holes in it. Even less normal, but we have to work really hard to keep Ben from eating playdough, so that explains the biting. It just made me laugh that we were so concerned and it was such a simple answer.

I was glad that we got the details right from Eric, because it isn't always easy to get the whole story from him. This week I was talking to him about his day and he said "This kid was taking me to speech and there was a note on the door that said "no speech." My radar went up, not because there's anything wrong with a kid being in speech, but only that 1. I don't think he needs help in that area, and 2. I hadn't been notified by the school. I asked him why he was going to speech and he said... "I dunno." I asked if he'd been to speech before and he said, "nope, that was the first time." I didn't worry too much about this. Thought about sending a note to ask the teacher, and finally decided to ask at his parent/teacher conference.

At the end of a lovely visit with his teacher, I told her about the conversation with Eric and at first she looked puzzled, and then laughed. Turns out she was sending Eric down there to drop off some forms and come back. I cracked up because this is a prime example of not getting the story quite right. It happens frequently. I try to dig for the details but so often just can't get the whole picture.


Adam and Lisa said...

It is sooooo cool that you get that sometimes the kid doesn't tell the whole story. I can't tell you how many parents send a scathing email or yell at the teacher over something that is a simple misunderstanding (like Eric "going" to speech). As a former teacher, I can say I wish more parents would take a minute, like you did, to calmly ask about any of their concerns. Most just assume that anything their 8 year old says is the whole truth and the teacher is, of course, out to get them. :)

Rebecca said...

I'm so glad you commented. I didn't even think of it from that angle. I try to assume that people are doing their best unless I have evidence to show me otherwise.

Astarte said...

This is funny!!! I have a similar problem with Patrick, who also tends to answer both 'yes' AND 'no' to the same question if it's repeated. !!!

Astarte said...

PS - I just tagged you at my blog!

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