Saturday, October 11, 2008

Don't Let Us Breathe on You!

Hey kids it's Saturday! Let's all go get our throats swabbed at urgent care!! YAY!! I'm kidding, of course. Kevin and I had already had this joy, me last week, him this week.

I had hung on to hope that my kids would not come down with strep throat, and my hopes had been rewarded by symptom free, normal acting boys. Until, this morning Ben was being kind of fussy and (oh no!) felt warm. We debated taking him in. Earlier in the week I had said if ONE kid gets this I'm going to ask for a prescription for ALL of them because for crying out loud I didn't want to spend all of next week in the doctor's office.

Just for funsakes I decided to peek into everyone's throat to see if I could see any evidence of illness. ACK! Zack's throat was red! Double ACK! Mark had white spots! For the love of Pete, Eric's tonsil is covered in some sort of yellowy GOO, what IS that? Oh, wait. He just ate a graham cracker (still, eww.) Ben's throat was suprisingly not red or problematic looking. After a glass of water, I rechecked Eric and while his throat was bright red and his tonsils were more enlarged than usual there were no white spots. Still, we got in the car and headed to Urgent Care.

We arrived just as they opened and were second in line. As we explained why we were there I noticed the lady in front of us who was paying her copay take a step back. That's right lady, we are the strep family, back off! I sure would!

We filled out forms for each of the boys and got called right back. Their tests came back positive right away.

Luckily, no one is acting sick. They are all slightly warm and thus being given Motrin. I'm obsessively checking Zack's temperature because I'm terrified of him having another seizure. I am hoping against hope, but not holding my breath, that since we got them meds before they were symptomatic that this will be mild. When I had it I was sicker than I've been in years, and Kevin was even worse off than I was. Hoping they fare better than we did.

Today I am washing everyone's bedding in HOT water. Toothbrushes will be changed out and we have Lysol-ed everything in sight. Bye bye streptococcus bacteria. Time for you to die!

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