Wednesday, October 8, 2008

How'd That Happen?

I should have known to run away when the tree branch fell and almost hit me in the head. The dad standing next to me said, hey don't stand by me, what have you done wrong to have a tree branch almost fall on you. (This was said after he asked if it hit me and if I was okay, all in good fun.) I just shrugged and said, I guess I must be doing something right because it just barely hit my toe. Could have been much worse, no?

In reality, that event probably had nothing to do with the fact that they decided to split the Cub Scout group that Eric is in into two due to the vast number of kids involved. It also probably had nothing to do with the fact that the Cub Master then was asking for volunteers to lead the resulting new den. It probably had even less to do with the fact that somehow I find myself now holding that title. Maybe I was still dazed from the near miss outside earlier. Or maybe it was the underwhelming response from the other parents who were there.

I volunteered. It is one big giant leap out of my comfort zone. I'm slightly, no hugely terrified. Not only is Boy Scouts... I mean Cub Scouts (see I can't even get the name right) completely foreign to me, but I am SHY. Socially awkward, I get all weird around people I don't know. Once I've spoken with you a few times, I'm fine, but before that I'm just a bundle of nerves and all stumbly over my words and stuff. I'm terrified.

I think if I make it through the first few weeks, I'll be okay. Here I go!


Crisa said...

EEEK!! I'm so proud of you! You're gonna do great and LOVE it.

bellebearberry said...

Oh wow - welcome to the world of volunteering. I think there are some of us that have a big V printed on our heads and people just know....

anyway - being a scout leader for Holly has been a joy. Yes, hard at times, but I wouldn't give it up.

Ed is now involved with Hunter - so it is neat to watch.

Sue @ My Party of 6 said...

Whoa. Brave, brave woman.

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