Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Get Out of My Mailbox Senators

I know the election is important and all, but I already know who I am voting for and I am tired. I watched the debates. It's funny how who the winner is seems to be determined by who one already agrees with. I'm as guilty of this as the next person, but it's still funny. I know the issues and I know where I stand. So, Senators, your flyer in my mailbox isn't going to change my mind. Nor your emails, nor the plentiful television and radio advertisements. I got it. The election is 2 weeks away. I know it matters a lot, but I'm more than a little tired of the campaign.


Anonymous said...

I concur! or is it concurr?

I am so excited the election is only 2 weeks away so life can get back to normal!

So are you going to let us all know the cool thing that happened to you yesterday????
(it is MK...I just didn't want to sign in under a different account because it would erase my comment!)

Rebecca said...

Haha! I might... I'm waiting to see how things pan out before I spill :)

Sara said...

I wonder if its because we're "battleground" states? We've had a lot of political ads, mailers, general people stopping by to see who we're voting for, nonsense going on here. I'm even to the point where I want the people on who's side I AM voting for to stop knocking on my door! I'm ready to post an "I heart (fill in the blank)!" sign on my window. ;)

Rebecca said...

I know that is it Sara. I'm just not used to it. I've never lived in a battleground state at election time :)
Now, no one has actually knocked on my door. That would REALLY drive me crazy!

Sara said...

This is my first battleground election, too. Its cuh-razy! I feel your pain! Maryland was more of a... "Wait. What? There's an election going on?" Hee!

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