Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Burr. I think I am officially spoiled to Florida weather. Heaven help me if I ever move anywhere COLD. I'm mostly saying that because I nearly froze on our recent campout. And then there is today, walk to school day. Where we met up with loads of other kids and parents and walked to school. Not sure why we didn't do this a few weeks ago on the National Walk to School Day (when it was a TON warmer), but today was our school's day. It was fun but it was COLD. The coldest day here so far, and I'm not even sure what the actual temperature was but the forecast said morning would be 49 degrees.

Now, 49 degrees is cold, don't get me wrong. I put jackets on the kids and even pulled out my leather jacket. That's not what makes me laugh and say, "yep I'm surely a Floridian now." What cracks me up is that I was cursing my misfortune that I didn't have a heavier coat, blankets for the stroller kids, gloves, earmuffs, scarves, hot chocolate! I was freezing.

By noon it will be 60 and I'll be comfy and basking in the glory that is fall in Florida. For now, I'll sit here, still chilly, sipping my herbal tea. It's late October, what is the temperature where you live?


Anonymous said...

Me too!! This morning I *drove* Abigail to school, and I made all the kids take blankets in the car to wrap up! I think outside it was in the 40's.... we were in the car, with a heater, and heated seats, and I DID have hot chocolate! LOL! I was laughing at myself, and now I am laughing even more after reading your post! Yay for warm, boo for cold! :)

Rebecca said...

LOL!! And the worst thing is I'm STILL cold! It's nuts!

Mary Kate said...

It was 34 when I left for seminary and ice was forming on my windshield as I was driving from the dew! I remember just last month wishing it was cold! I just was hoping it would stay Fall a little longer!! But I still think I would rather be cold than hot and sweaty!! ....well...that might change in a few weeks if it stays this cold!

Anonymous said...

It was 33 when I took the kids to school. It seems to me that it is colder this year than the past few years during October. Usually on Halloween it is still rather warm here and I worry about the kids becoming too warm in their costumes. This year I worry about them being to chilly and needing to cover their costume with a coat!

I am not at all ready for winter. I hate the cold. And for the first year ever in my adult life I will not be able to set my heat to a comfortable temp. And by comfortable I mean warm enough to wear shorts and a t-shirt in the house. Stop laughing at me.

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