Friday, October 3, 2008

Poster Girl for Chloraseptic

Do you remember those commercials with the cute little girl saying "it will hurt if I swallow" advertising chloraseptic? I do. I always felt bad for the little girl even though it was just an advertisement. For the past few days this is exactly how I've felt.

Tuesday I was totally fine until about 9 PM. Then suddenly, out of nowhere I felt awful and had a really bad sore throat. And I felt feverish, though not enough to bother to take my temperature. I took some tylenol and hoped I'd feel better by morning.

I wasn't feeling better by morning. I felt fevery again, but I took some more medicine and hoped for the best. By noon I was in pretty bad shape. I was freezing (fever) and hurting all over and my throat hurt more than I ever remember it hurting EVER. My glands in my throat hurt so bad I could cry. I got lucky on Wednesday as I had a friend who was kind enough to keep Zack for me while I took Ben home for his nap and I slept. She also kept my big kids after school and I went and got them when Ben woke up from his nappy. It was nice to be able to rest while sick. I was so sure I would be better by Thursday.

When there was not even an inkling of improvement Thursday morning I decided to do something drastic. That something was I suspected I had Strep Throat and wanted to get meds ASAP. Once I got there I was all unsure and while waiting for the test to come back I was berating myself for being wimpy, sure that this was a waste of time and money. Then they came back and look how smart I am... I had self diagnosed pretty well this time and it was in fact strep. Which was good and bad. Good because thank GOODNESS I can just take medicine and get better for goodness sake. Bad because I don't want my family exposed to this crap.

Today I am worlds better than the previous days. My energy level is pretty low and while I can finally swallow without pain, my glands are still very sore. I'm so very thankful for antibiotics! I wish they would work a little more quickly though. I'm ready to be 100% again.

So today, despite the aforementioned low energy level, I am going to attempt to undo some of the mess around here. Because 2 days with no cleaning in a house with 4 boys and 2 grownups = DISASTER!

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