Wednesday, September 29, 2010


For some reason I find myself unable to get people to call me back. These are people who I am trying to do business with, who I've left messages for, who should want my money, and yet..nothing.

Instance number one: I recieved a vague bill from our HOA for a "late charge" but it didn't say which payment was late, and I don't think I ever paid our dues or club fees late. If I did it was a matter of days, and since I'm fairly sure plenty of people don't pay them at all, I don't really want to pay this. It's only ten dollars but I want to make sure I owe it. So, I left a message last Friday,asking for more information. I haven't heard back.

Instance number two: Friday before last Kevin got sent from his regular checkup to the ER, because of a possible irregular heart rhythm. He checked out fine, but needs to see the cardiologist again for a stress test just to make sure. When they called, I passed on his cell number since his schedule is crazy lately, and I wasn't sure when a good time would be. They never called him, and they never called me back either.

Instance number three: I recently bought a Groupon for carpet cleaning and when I called to schedule it I got a voice mail. The message said they were booked out until November, which was disappointing, because I would like to get it done sooner. I left a message for them to call me to schedule. That's been 4 work days and I haven't heard anything. This is extra irritating because I've already spent the money on this. So, I need to call again and follow up.

Instance number four: Feeling overwhelmed, I decided that I would try a cleaning service that put an ad on my door. Just the one time, just to get caught up. I called yesterday afternoon, and left a message, and... you guessed it. No one called me back. So today, I cleaned my own darn house.

I'm starting to get a complex here. I know my phone is working... What's the deal?


Shanna said...

Melinda was just complaining about this too- she wants to get her deck pressure washed and stained, and can't even get anyone to come do it! What is the deal? I thought we were in a down economy??? Hope you get some return calls soon!

Rebecca said...

That's exactly what I was thinking too! So bizarre!

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