Thursday, September 16, 2010


--No matter how much time you have to get ready for school, you will fill up the time and still be rushing to get out the door on time.

--This holds true even if you are ready, say around 8:30, somehow it is still a hassle leaving by 9:15. This makes no logical sense, however it is true.

--When your youngest says cute things like "Mommy, I'm making you precious" (while "fixing my hair" aka ripping my hair out with his hands) or "Mommy, this wooks absowutewy very yummy" when you give him cottage cheese that he requested it makes your heart swell with love and wonder how you could ever be frustrated with him.

--Probably 2 minutes after he says these things he will do something to frustrate you.

--Sometimes you wonder if you would be a better mom if you didn't have FOUR kids.

--Sometimes you think your life would never be complete without every last one of those boys and so you feel insanely guilty for even thinking the previous thing.

--It breaks your heart when you kid lies to you. Even when you know all kids do it. People say that you get tougher and won't take it so personally some day. You totally don't believe them.

--You never knew how much you would appreciate silence.

--Boys are loud.

The end.

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