Monday, October 4, 2010


Responsibility - Eric made himself a to do list last night. It included: Get ready for school, straighten bedroom, play until Mommy wakes up. When I woke up I was impressed to see that he was dressed and his room was picked up. I'm super impressed and made sure he knew about that!

Drama - This morning was cool, around 60 degrees. This is new and wonderful for us down here in FL after a long, hot summer. Mark went out to do his "Morning Exercises" on the patio and came right back in declaring "It's SO cold! It's like winter! I think it might even snow. So he busied himself finding jackets for everyone so they didn't freeze. He's so funny and so dramatic!

Smart - Zachary never stops surprising me at how well he is taking to school. He was the kid I wondered about because he doesn't like to learn from me at all. When I tried to teach him things he'd make a big joke out of it. He did great in preschool, but I still had my reservations about kindergarten. He just kind of beats to his own drummer and I wasn't certain how he'd fit with the structure of real school. Turns out, he's doing great. He's already starting to sound out words, but his real love is math. He comes home begging to do his homework,and it's always math he wants to do first.

Funny - Ben's antics entertain and frustrate me daily. The things he says just crack me up. For example, "Mommy you are the best mommy in the whole house!" Um... thanks... I'm the only Mommy in the house, but ok. Not too long after that,when I told him he couldn't have another popsicle it was slightly different. With a sour face and grumpy tone "Mommy you are the BAD mommy in the whole house." Whatever you think kiddo!

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