Wednesday, September 22, 2010


My lunch packing in years past has been less than successful. When Eric was in Kindergarten I packed his lunch a few times and he really wanted to buy lunch from school, so we went that route.

When Mark joined him at the elementary school the following year, I started out packing lunches, at which point they began to complain that they didn't like sandwiches everyday and they wanted to buy at school.

Last year, our school moved to a late start time (9:40) so I thought that would be the year I could successfully send their lunches to school without mass chaos. I would have pleeeentty of time in the morning to be a little more creative and please the picky things. It went well for a while, until one day I discovered Mark's lunch bag completely full at the end of the day. I asked why he didn't eat it and he said he just decided he'd rather buy that day. Highly offended, I said fine! Buy your lunch... whatever. Cause I'm mature that way. Until I found out he was getting pb&j EVERY day. So, yeah, I can make pb & j at home for way less than 2 bucks a day. So we packed, for however long and we pretty much were on again off again like that for the rest of the school year.

This year, things are in a pretty good groove. We still start late enough to where I can figure out what to feed them. We do a good blend of sandwiches and leftovers; also sandwiches are no longer just plain awful. Yet, if we have a hectic day, or they want what's on the menu at school (Pizza Friday, anyone?) they buy it.

But, what I am really laughing my hardest about is Zack in the midst of all of this. He really likes taking his lunch to school. It's just... he forgets to actually take it with him to the lunch room. So, after reminding him myself a few times in the mornings to no avail, I ended up writing his teacher a note to please help him remember (if it's not too much trouble, of course!) She did, and he has actually eaten the lunch I've sent him the last two days. YAY! Only problem, is when I opened up his lunch bag to wash the reusable sectioned container I sent his lunch in he had thrown the container away. Kept the lid, though. We still have a little work to do.

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