Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Because I know you really want to know more about my frustration with housekeeping.

Walls are insane around here. We painted with super duper washable & strong paint shortly after moving in. And, to it's credit. It is super duper washable, scrubbable, even holds up to Magic Eraser cleaning. Alas, my children are grimy, apparently, and even when I try to keep their grubby little hands clean and repeatedly remind them to NOT.touch.the.walls.fortheloveofPete. they persist in dirtying them right up. I do wash them regularly (the walls and the kids) and yet I found them disgusting again. Oh also, besides just being dirty... some creative artist had drawn circles in random spots over the Thanksgiving Holiday. Teach me to get distracted making a delicious meal for my family! Anyway suddenly, scrubbing wasn't doing the trick, and even my bullet proof awesome paint was not looking clean after being given a good wipe down.

Enter paint. Fortunately, when we painted we had extra. Today, I did touch up painting. By touch up, I obviously mean paint the entire wall from about 3 feet high down. It is a beauty to be hold. Creamy white cleanliness! I'm not going to think about how soon they will be dirty again. I am going to give the hand washing and not touching the walls speech again and it's going to work this time. Ben's artistic phase will be limited to drawing on paper now. (What? I'm not in denial! Shhh I'm in my happy place, let me reject reality for just tonight!)

Next up in my series (oh yeah, I've got more!)of dirty house woes... my patio. I am forcing myself to DO something about these problems before I blog come here complaining about it, so at least there is that.

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