Saturday, December 5, 2009

Joy part 2

Growing up I was taught that joy is not the same as circumstantial happiness, that it was something deeper. Something that allows us to feel peace in times of turmoil. Happy regardless of circumstances. Because no matter how frustrated we feel, how many things there are to do, or what is going wrong, there are amazing things in our lives that if we choose to concentrate on instead of all the other things,we can have joy.

I woke up in a great mood this morning. It didn't take long for me to get grumpy with a lot of high maintenance, crabby kids swarming around me. As I fried bacon I had requests to spell words, burned a panful of pancakes, two kids had a skirmish and I felt that familiar anxiety boiling up, trying to pull me down.

On my new mission to stop being grumpy I repeated to myself my new mantra of sorts (mantra sounds better than I am resorting to talking to myself to stay sane) of Breathe... Relax... Look for the good.

So today, the things that bring me joy are...

1. Making up after an argument.
2. Seeing the tree we decorated as a family all lit up.
3. Getting woken up by a kiss on the nose from one of my favorite boys.
4. Being asked to make a chain of paper dolls, doing it, and having that make me the best and the greatest!
5. My home, my family & friends.

What brings you joy today?

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