Monday, December 14, 2009


I didn't give up on keeping a joyful spirit through the daily trials that I encounter in life. I might have had a small backslide this weekend, but I am happy to say it didn't last long.

However, I am kind of thinking it is redundant to post about it every day. The objective was accomplished. My attitude is turned around.

So, for today there are a few unrelated things I'd like to share.

1. Zack is learning so much. He went into preK knowing his colors and shapes and that was about it. He was the kid who any time I tried to teach him anything would purposely tell me the wrong answer. Not sure why, I think he thought it was funny. NOW he's the kid who bounds into the classroom bouncing up and down with excitement to see what the NEW letter is this week!! Last week it was Z and that created enthusiasm on a whole new level because, as he told me "Z starts with MY name Mommy!!" He is obsessed with letters and asking me to spell words and he'll quiz me. "What letter says 'Wuh' Mom." "W says wuh Zack." He smiles and nods his head at my wisdom. Then adds "What other letter says wuh." "Only W buddy." "No Mom, L says Wuh too. Wuh wook, wadder.

So, yeah, he has a wittle more to wearn. ;)

2. I met a mom today that is pregnant with her fourth child. She has 3 girls ages 4, 3, and 15 months and is due in March. I did some major reminiscing as I remembered being pregnant with Ben and having kids those same ages. She asked me "So I can do this?" I told her yes! I did add that it isn't always pretty, but definitely possible!

3. Ben's new phrase when he's angry are "I'm not DOING this any.more!" Which I suspect I might have said a time or two. I guess that's better than the shrieking tantrum. Also, it is just funny hearing it come out of his little mouth so I can just laugh and say "Yes, Ben, you are going to be sitting in your carseat."

4. I have a new post up at Deep South Moms about one of the ways I contradict myself in the way I parent.

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