Monday, November 30, 2009


I despise carpet. My dream floor is a child proof, waterproof, life proof wood floor, which I'm pretty sure does not even exist.

I am fed up with the carpet in our family room. It is disgusting. I steam clean it once a month at least. And if I tell the truth, it seems to need it within 2 weeks. The rest of the rooms fare a little better. Primarily because we spend less time in them. Or, more to the point, the boys spend less time in them.

Can I just tell you what happened to my poor, pathetic, builders grade carpet in the five days we were all six at home.

1. While I was at the store Wednesday with Eric getting a few last minute Thanksgiving dinner things, Ben got a packet of "Wemonade," which in reality was RED Kool-Aid. (Oh wait, is this de ja vu?) He spread it into a 1x2 area on the carpet right in front of my bedroom door.

And 2. Zack and Ben, whiling I was preparing Thanksgiving Dinner decided it would be fun to bring the sidewalk chalk INSIDE and color the carpet pink and green.

Now, my reasons for not dealing with these things immediately were two fold. First, the Kool Aid would not be coming out anyway, therefore we vacuumed, sprayed it with stain remover & blotted up what we could, but I had cooking to do and I could deal with that later.

Second, Sidewalk chalk comes up easily, so we vacuumed what we could & again procrastinated.

Today I shampooed the carpet. I put bleach in the water and I hoped for the best. (Pretty sure bleach is bad for carpet, and probably the cleaning machine, but this carpet is shot anyway, and I drastic times call for drastic measures.) I still have a large pink stain in front of my bedroom door. Also, the streaks of sidewalk chalk are now lighter... but not absent.

Overall it looks better than it did.

I would be in there pulling it up right now & calling the wood floor people except any money we might have to go towards something like that is already spent. On a vacation for my husband and I. Just us. Which, I think we might just need.

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