Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Tribute toTeachers

I never knew until my kids went to school what amazing people elementary school teachers are. The really great ones understand kids, they love them, and while elementary school students can drive the most patient person to pull their hair out at times (or is it just mine?) they keep on teaching.

Last school year, my two big boys, then in first grade and kindergarten had the best teachers ever. I knew there was no topping them this year, and I had a great deal of nervousness regarding whether or not this year's teachers would measure up. So much so, that I let it all out in a post on Deep South Moms. So far, the teachers this year haven't disappointed me. I imagine at the end of the year, I will be sad to see the boys move on and worried that the next batch of teachers won't be as wonderful.

It's not a job just anyone can do. I'm sure, as much as I love my own kids I could not manage 20 or so at a time with differing personalities, abilities, and behavioral quirks. A love of kids is necessary, but it takes more than that.

Phillip Done (rhymes with phone - as he tells his third grade classes) writes of his experiences as an elementary school teacher in "Close Encounters of the Third-Grade Kind." He is the kind of teacher you hope your child will get in school. The one who really understands. As I read, I couldn't help but laugh and see my own boys in the kids he described.

Mr. Done's book served as a reminder to me to thank those who are with my children for 6 hours a day. Those who serve them by teaching them reading and math. I am thankful that there are teachers who go the extra mile, as the author did when one of his students was going to test to see if the tooth fairy was real by not mentioning that he had lost a tooth and putting it under his pillow. Mr. Done called the mom of that boy to make sure the Tooth Fairy would show up that night. I will thank them for letting teaching not be just a job, but something they love.

*Disclosure: I recieved the book "Close Encounters of the Third Grade Kind" for free from the publisher, in exchange for participating in the Silicon Valley Moms Group book club.


Phil said...

Dear Rebecca,
I'm so glad you enjoyed the book!
Phil Done

CosMama said...

I felt the same way reading his book, and it made me want to thank my kids' teachers AGAIN for doing a job that I know I could not do.

c2cmom said...

I wish my kiddo could have Mr. Done too! The creativity, caring and flexibility that he describes are what I hope my son will get to experience in school. I hope that he gets an inspiring teacher along the way (I'd wish for a dozen, but sometimes all it really takes is just one. ;-))

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