Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Day 5 & 6

Yesterday got away from me! Joy (which I've realized looking on the bright side of things drastically improves my outlook) was brought through...

1. Christmas shopping in an outdoor mall wearing capris, short sleeves and flip flops.
2. Getting tasks accomplished that I had been procrastinating.
3. 4 cute little boys.
4. My husband coming home from work early.
5. Actually feeling the desire to exercise, not just because I *should.*

Some days are a little harder to find the joy. Waking up to a feverish, headachey, very sad little boy would once have been a road block. Today I have felt happiness and joy because of...

1. Good (well ok) behavior from the kids at the doctor's office.
2. That Eric didn't get mad at me for being late to school (due to above dr. visit.)
3. That Mark doesn't have the flu, but simply strep.
4. For a doctor that paid attention to more than the obvious.
5. For a phlebotomist that drew the blood on the first try even though the patient was screaming bloody murder and had tears flying out of his eyes.

Feeling peace on days like today is pretty awesome.

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