Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Body Doth Protest

I decided recently (finally) to actually start the couch to 5K program. While I don't really consider myself a couch potato, I do know that when I've tried to run (read: jog) in the past I always end up getting injured and not continuing. So I like the idea of starting slowly. I've given couch to 5K a couple of false starts in the past. Usually quitting, because I would get bogged down in trying to keep track of time.

Yet, recently, a friend of mine ran in an actual 5K, and trained using this program, and some other friends or doing it too. Plus I heard that there is a podcast you can download that tells you when to walk and when to run. So that was what put me over the edge and made me decide to just do it.

Yesterday, I completed day one of week one. Today every muscle in my lower body is screaming. I don't really understand it because it didn't feel that hard while I was doing it. And yet I am stiff and sore.I guess that means it was a good workout. Or that I'm more of a couch potato than I thought (in spite of exercising regularly.)

Today is a "rest" day, but I did a low impact exercise video this morning. Hopefully by tomorrow I'll be recovered enough to hit the road again.

1 comment:

Astarte said...

I've done false starts with that one, too. I even had the podcast to listen to! Sigh. I'm couch potato salad, I think.

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