Thursday, April 22, 2010


Mark's backpack is completely worn out. I've never had a backpack do that and often they have been carried more than one year. However, I kind of don't want to buy a new one for the month and a half we have left of the school year. So I went looking for one from last year (which, incidentally was carried 2 years in a row and is STILL in better shape than either of the boys' current ones. Anyway, I informed Mark that he'd be using the Lightning McQueen backpack until the end of the year since his was falling apart. His response stunned me. "MOM people will make fun of me because that's a BABY show."

So, I found a plain red backpack and he is happy with that.

Lessons learned from this morning.

1. Super Mario Bros. is fine, Lightning McQueen not so much.
2. Life was easier before my kids had opinions on ev-er-y-thing.
3. My BOYS are growing up... sniff.

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Julie said...

Oddly enough, we went through the exact same thing with my daughter's backpack earlier this week. Her backpack that was purchased new at the beginning of the school year simply developed too many holes and the zipper broke. So we pulled out the one she used in 1st and 2nd grade with Hello Kitty on it. It still looks great and she can use it until the school year ends.

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