Sunday, April 18, 2010

Garage Sale

Every time I have a garage sale, I am reminded why I don't do garage sales. This weekend was our neighborhood sale and I decided to just do it. What better way to motivate myself to declutter, get rid of too small for Ben clothes and other odds and ends.

It might have been fine if Mark hadn't come down with some icky flu like bug that had him miss school for 3 days. Which Ben then got and led to some sleepless nights for all of us.

But I'm getting off the topic. The reasons I don't do garage sales, are:

1. I'm so tired by the day of the sale that I'm really not in the mood for it anymore.
2. People who say "will you take a quarter?" When something is marked 50 cents. If you think of the actual value of the thing they think is only worth a quarter it kind of makes you crazy.
3. Dragging all the crap that didn't sell back in.
4. Wondering if you should keep or donate the stuff that didn't sell. Why I have to ask myself this question is a little beyond me. It was ok to get rid of before, why do I second guess as I pack it all up?
5. Being so done that I haul it all in at 11:30.

There are good things, too, of course. Hanging out with some fun neighbors. Laughing at the people who try to get things for a dime. Laughing at different yard sale strategies (practically giving stuff away, vs. standing firm on your pricing to try to make good money. The good might have outweighed the bad.

And yet, I as I write this post, my resolve is firm that I will NEVER have another garage sale again. That's what I said five years ago when I did my last one.

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Sue @ Laundry for Six said...

Eep... our community sale is Saturday. I should reconsider...

Maybe it will rain.

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