Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring Break Thus Far

Today is the midway point of Spring Break. Kevin took off so we could have some family fun!

So far we have:
Taken one kid into Urgent Care with a case of strep throat (Happy Easter!)

Taken another kid to the regular pediatrician due to a croupy cough. And, evidently also strep. (Monday) Oh yes, we also went and saw a movie, even though I'm pretty sure that was not the right thing to do. We needed to get out though, and there was almost no one else in the theater. How to Train Your Dragon is a very cute movie by the way.

Taken two more kids into Urgent Care one due to sore throat and one just because I hoped they would just give me the meds so I could be done with Doctors offices for the week. (Tuesday)

Today, we are going camping. Everyone seems healthy enough and we are doing "camping lite" where we usually bring everything under the sun, cook yummy food, and stay more than one night, we are doing a one nighter - cooking hotdogs for dinner and cereal for breakfast. Even though the first time I suggested cereal for camping breakfast oh so many years ago the thought was shunned by Kevin, this time easy prevails. I like easy! Oh! Also, we are camping close to home so if it gets too crazy, we can just drive on back.

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